I am a well-known Financial Dominatrix, lifestyle Female Supremacist and one of the Female Leaders of  The Femocracy Global Movement. I’ve been in the sex industry since 2014 learning ins and outs of Human Sexuality, BDSM, Kink and Fetishes, as well as incorporating them into my personal life. As an independent Dominant Woman, I have always been providing for myself since 2009 when I first moved from Russia to Canada where I currently reside. In 2016 I entered the field of Financial Domination because I had come to realize that I was getting a lot more attention from horny males than an average woman does, which surely makes me a living Goddess. As a Goddess, I am also intelligent, educated, knowledgeable, well-read and spiritually awakened. You will soon learn all of these to be true if you follow me on Twitter.

   I decided it was time for me to monetize all that male attention and turn them all  into my bitch slaves instead, so they can serve me and attend to my every desire and/ or need, as they naturally  know they should. After all, I am a living Goddess and I need to be served and worshiped on a daily base. As I have learnt from my prior experiences one man was never enough to completely satisfy me, that is why I need many worshipers to keep me smiling. As a Dominant Woman I have multiple D/s relationships with many men and all have a special place in my QueenDom. 


   To me all males are slaves whose purpose in life is to serve and protect their Superior Women. As a male, you have always known this was your purpose in life, since you were a child, but it was hard to accept this due to the social constructs that the currently ruling patriarchy has deeply seeded inside your mind. It is now time to shed off the old programming and free yourself from the social expectations, so you can dive into a full submission and start getting brainwashed by a new belief system based on Matriarchal principles! You can now safely do that with Me. I will make you feel safe and comfortable to open up to your deeply rooted submissive inner desires and bring them out onto the surface of your reality. No more hiding who you are, no more feeling shame, no more pretending to be who you are not! As your Goddess I will guide you and help you explore your forbidden cravings. But before we go any further, you must Pay, Pray & Obey in order to prove your loyalty, commitment and dedication to your Superior Goddess, RussianQueenM!