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Bitcoin has been my referred method of tribute since 2016 because it is fast, secure and decentralized. I've been collecting bit by bit from my slaves over the years and I found it to be the best investment strategy to preserve and multiply my wealth


in 2019 I started accepting ethereum and other crypto currencies with potential to do 10x and up and found myself with good profits in 2021. Nothing feels better than making gains on top of the gains that I already made from my slaves. it's like a gift that keeps on giving.


If you wish to serve Me as a slave, or simply want to put a smile on my face because you appreciate my fetish art, you can always send Me more crypto as a tribute. Everyone knows that my biggest fetish is

crypto fetish.

You can simply scan the right QR code or copy and paste my wallet address to send Me BTC/ ETH. It's that easy. crypto makes tributing even more pleasurable than ever before because of its peer-to-peer transaction system which gets rid of a middle man.

SegWit BTC wallet*
Legacy BTC wallet*
ETH wallet*

I am always looking for new hot alt coins to invest into and if you have some good coins that you want to send me as a tribute, I will find the right wallet to receive it but before speaking with me send your initial $100 tribute in eth or btc.  

* Wallets have been updated on feb. 20th, 2021. you may email me to confirm my wallet address.


Crypto Dommination

 ATTANTION: Emails without a tribute will be ignored.

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