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If you think you have what it takes to please Me, submit your 

slave application!

Just having money to send Me is not enough to be a good submissive slave. It takes honesty, loyalty, trust and dedication in order to succeed at serving Me. 


Many losers tried over the years, but only a few were allowed to stay by My side and continue serving for many years.

You must put My pleasure as your #1 priority and do everything to please ME. 


To prove your loyalty, you have to sacrifice your wallet and your orgasms.

You must put yourself in chastity, as soon as I approve your

slave application.


You will pay for everything and do everything, I order you to earn your pleasure. 

To earn My ownership for life, you must undergo My 1 year training program "PAY,PRAY,OBEY", where you will learn to submit and a obey Me.


For the entire year you will send Me your slave prayer daily. 

"RussianQueenM is my Superior

and i'm only here to do what my Goddess orders me to do!"

You will stay locked up for Me and have no orgasms in the first 30 days of serving. 

After that you will have to earn My permission to release, by paying your Cum Tax. 

To complete My training successfully you must follow 3 simple rules:​

  • PAY            

  • PRAY          

  • OBEY         


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