Since I am NOT seeing any slaves for real time session for less than $500 tribute I'm still being generous enough to provide you with this unique opportunity to meet and serve me while I'm visiting your city! For any tribute less than $500 please check my travel dates and book your time for a cashmeet with me. You still must send me a minimum of $50 deposit in order to prove your Serious intentions and book our cashmeet. 

Our cashmeet will happen in a public place and it can be filmed if requested for an extra humiliation. During our cashmeet, I will allow for such activities as ballbusting, face slapping, foot worship, boot worship or being my ashtray if requested. So if you are a broke loser and you cannot afford $500+ to spoil your Goddess then your best option is to book a cashmeet with me if you want to have the privilege of being in my presence for even a few precious minutes of your life! Because it will be the best minutes of your life and you will do anything to meet me in person! And you better be trembling while you're presenting your pathetic little tribute to meet in public for everyone to see how much of a submissive bitch you are for Powerful Superior Women!