HOW TO become my bitcoin slave 

Bitcoin mining is becoming less profitable and harder to mine due to the growth of big mining infrastructures all over the world. I am starting up my very own Bitcoin mining farm and I invite you to take a part in my growth as my Bitcoin slave. The more slaves I have, the more mining rigs I can have in my crypto farm, the more power I can have to make my Bitcoin mining operation ultimately successful. As my Bitcoin slave all you have to do is follow my rules and always respect Me, your Superior Female Boss. If you are well behaved and deserving of a reward, I will pay you 10% off of all the profit made with the mining rig(s) you purchased. Each slave will have a number that is associated with the mining machine he purchased. And just like this you become nothing more than just a number to me, Woman of your Dreams!

3 Easy Steps to Becoming My Bitcoin Slave

1. You must fill out this form to put your name on the list o

2. You must send me X amount of Bitcoin for the purchase of mining rigs. 

3. You patiently wait until I order and set up your mining rig and you will get 10% off of all profit from your machine.