If you are a broke loser and cannot afford to tribute in order to be useful to your Goddess you can still make yourself useful and serve me online by promoting my Twitter account. Here is a few simple steps on how to do that:
#1 You must dedicate your twitter account to me ( if you don't have one already you must open a new account ). Change your twitter handle. Include RQM in your new name. Change your Twitter bio and post my prayer instead: @TheRussianQueen is my Superior and I am only here to do what She orders me to do! 
#2 Post a tweet with my prayer daily. Attach your favourite picture of me and make sure to tag @TheRussianQueen to  all posts, otherwise I will not notice your tweets and will not retweet it. 
#3 Retweet all my twitter posts daily and make sure to comment on all of them if you want to be noticed! 
Now be a good boy for me and get to work slave!