Spoil Me

There is many ways you can spoil a Goddess like me however since you are a male and probably lack creativity and imagination of your own, I will give you a few suggestions on what you can do in order to make me smile:


#1 You may send me a gift off my wish list. Visit my Amazon wish list where you will find a variety of items I handpicked for you, from anywhere between $10 to $1,000 and up. This is a very special ritual of worshipping your Goddess. While on my wish list you get to know me a little bit more as you get to see what style of clothes I like, and what kind of household items I might be looking to get at the moment. Can you imagine becoming a part of your Goddess's life just buy purchasing something she really needs or wants right now! It's like shopping with me only I'm not there. Yet, anything you purchase I will absolutely enjoy because I made sure I carefully selected only the items I like to put on my wish list. Now be a good boy for me and go buy me the first 3 items! #3 is my favourite number!


#2 You may send me an e-gift card from my online favourite stores:


#3 You may order me a bouquet of beautiful flowers for deliver to my door step as well as Edible Arrangements, such as chocolate covered strawberries or fine chocolates! In order to do this, you must contact me first to get my location as I do travel a lot and my location may change from time to time. 


#4 You may mail me your hard earned cash in a card but make sure you also pay for the tracking number and ship it using Express method. For the address email me at RussianQueenM@hotmail.com 


#5 You may reimburse my daily receipts. Send me a message on kik or email me to ask for a picture of my receipts from that day so you can send me an exact amount or more via one of my tribute options. After all, Goddess should never pay for anything!